About Us

About Us

About Us

VENTURE is a Vineyard USA church that launched in September 2016. 

We think this statement from the bible captures the essence of following Jesus:

“Those who claim to live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.”  1 John 2:6

We at VENTURE aspire to live like Jesus through these six distinctives:

Dynamic Worship

Jesus is revealed as we worship through song, spoken word, discussion, prayer, drama, visual art, and dance.  We emphasize listening to God, sharing what we sense with others, and applying what Holy Spirit has revealed to us.

House of Prayer

Jesus said his followers would be joy-filled, praying people. We pray for things like God’s blessing, peace and protection for our city and its leaders.  And we pray that God would intervene against injustice, persecution, oppression and war.

Relevant Teaching

We see Jesus’ nature, character, wisdom and authority revealed in the bible. We aim to teach like Jesus – with wisdom, love, understanding and grace. Our goal is applying what we’re learning with the help of the Holy Spirit so we become more like Jesus.

Caring Community

Jesus gathered a group of people to be his disciples – as in “apprentices”.  He took ordinary people like us and taught them to forgive, to love, to speak truth, to show compassion and to give generously of themselves. We believe Jesus wants us to embody those same things today as we join in his mission to reconcile and bless all humankind. 


Jesus spent his life focused on loving other people.  Like Jesus, we want to see all people enjoying the goodness, mercy and love of God.  We partner with other like-minded churches and organizations for effectiveness in sharing the Good News of salvation and bringing about Gods preferred future for humankind. 

Naturally Supernatural

Jesus showed compassion for people by healing the sick and setting spiritually oppressed people free. We pray for healing in a non-hyped, but spiritually powerful, way. We welcome and encourage all of the Holy Spirit’s gifts.

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